Custom Development Software vs Out-of-the-Box Software
Custom Development Software vs Out-of-the-Box Software

And startups opt for Ionic because of the accelerated development speed, ability to iterate fast, and unquestionable reliability. By the way, the links to the apps mentioned above include real case studies with detailed descriptions of challenges, solutions, and the cross-platform development process. This is one of the projects our team is extremely proud of. We used Ionic to build the first version of an iOS application, after which development of the Android app was 90% faster. This proves the code-sharing advantages of Ionic in combination with Angular.

What is the difference between a custom mobile app and out-of-the-box software

Don’t worry; being a leading mobile app development company, we have written this guide exclusively for you to find the difference between software and mobile app development. With custom mobile apps, you can own your proprietary software solution, which helps with better ROI and improved efficiencies. Plus, they offer to deliver measurable financial viability over time.

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In this article we walk you through some best practices so you can create the ultimate user experience. When best practices are used in packaged software, custom alternatives are unique. You have to test them to see if they are useful, so you can consider ordering an MVP first. Off-the-shelf software is a package solution you can use immediately. Such tools are created for a wide audience and for many business areas. They are based on best practices that have been proven effective by multiple users.

What is the difference between a custom mobile app and out-of-the-box software

They’re not performance-critical, so building native apps for this purpose would be a waste of time and money. By opting for hybrid development, you can achieve a high-level user experience in exchange for reasonable investments. Custom software development is generally more expensive than out-of-the-box software.

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Our Nimblex Core Solutions fit this definition and can be set-up with fewer than 30 hours of configuration. In contrast to traditional OOTB or COTS products, Nimblex’s flexibility helps to future-proof your Nimblex solution because it can always be configured to shape around future requirements. There is a lot of terminology in the software market which can be confusing for non-technical people. The difference between custom, configured and out-of-the-box often trips up decision makers and makes it unclear as to what exactly is the best-fit for their organisation.

  • If your budget is tiny and your needs are basic, try app creation software instead.
  • Both of these wrappers support a variety of plugins that extend the capabilities of the browser and can access most platform-specific features.
  • For entrepreneurs and designers alike, survival now depends on understanding the differences between desktop vs. mobile app design and how to make the best of both.
  • The solution will be updated and changed at any moment its vendor decides to, without the consent of your enterprise modernization plans.
  • Customers often look for these companies and platforms to offer mobile apps, so creating one can be key to effective customer retention and acquisition.
  • In short, it’s a customized program that allows your business to perform very specific business processes.

Thus, you must consider the question of Custom vs Packaged Software. Also, applications include those used to shop, socialize, and post pictures, such as Lazada, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The greatest advantage of such apps is that the owners may have superior control over the apps. Most importantly, they must keep committed professionals as well as a database to make recurrent modifications. People don’t like installing new apps without a compelling reason.


This is logical, and for any application that precisely fits the packaged mobile app features and abilities, it will be more cost effective to take that route. Generic software development involves creating a product suitable for many different users. It’s faster, less expensive, and not as exclusive as custom software development.

With a custom mobile app, you can choose which devices your app is compatible with which is more important than ever as new devices are being released at an exponential rate. These products are a smart option for custom apps development services companies who don’t have the time or expertise to develop custom apps. You might be lucky and discover an off-the-shelf product that suits the needs of your company perfectly- but this isn’t usually the case.

Reasons to Choose Custom Software

Only you decide what, how much, and when to change, getting flexible platform migration opportunities and simple scaling in line with emerging challenges. Integrate and expand software whichever way you see fit while automating many underlying tasks. Artificial intelligence Talk to our AI specialists and business analysts to get a free project strategy and roadmap. Join us to apply your skills working on interesting projects. Let us know if you're a freelance designer so we can share the most relevant content for you. To do that, optimize both desktop and mobile to account for all factors.

However, off-the-shelf apps do not always fulfill all the demands of a specific task or area. Custom apps allow you to all your updates to your clients, customers, and the employees. This helps you to build a good relationship with all of them. For accessing the client details and to receive feedback, this feature would be perfect for you. This feature also allows you to access client details and receive feedback helping you to improve customer relationship. It also helps clients and employees by saving their valuable time, as they don’t need to attend each other physically.


First, if you want to reach people who use Apple and Android products, you’ll have to submit your app for approval in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The guidelines for acceptance into app stores often change, and you will have to make sure your app stays in compliance with the rules. Additionally, most businesses require a website as well as an app, so if you go the app route , you’ll probably also need to create a website.

What is the difference between a custom mobile app and out-of-the-box software

The difference with Nimblex is our flexibility to configure any solution you want to best fit your needs, making it future-proof and highly functional without breaking the budget. Meanwhile, you experience a shorter delivery lead time and lower risk compared to more traditional software options. Have specific, non-standard processes and unique user stories, reporting and business requirements. Businesses today increasingly prefer digital solutions because they help with superior digital customer experiences. Plus, they help your businesses thrive in 2023 and beyond. Some readymade apps may not match your business processes; thus you may need to modify your workflows.

Custom software development definition

While considering whether to purchase or implement a pre-built app for your particular need, there are a lot of factors to consider. All of these apps offer an automated solution and suites of products that can solve not only your problem but also create a framework for the rapid implementation of new applications. In the case of the simple application, it is possible to create an in-house application quickly, which meets your needs. Also, if anyone has done it before, then you can easily avail it commercially. Custom mobile apps can cater to a wide variety of business applications.

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